Popular Types of OS Programming in 2021

Image Source: hackint0sh

1. Linux Kernel, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu

For beginners Linux Mint is a better option, after you have used Linux Mint for a while you can switch to Ubuntu. Linux is considered to be the most efficient and remarkable operating system for software development.

Advantages of using Linux:

  • Open-source. The prime advantage of using Linux is that beginners can test it out for free as it is open-source.
  • Reliable. Linux is highly reliable, the updates will never interrupt your work tree.
  • Highly secure. Linux and Ubuntu allow you to encrypt your drive. It is highly efficient with network security as well.
  • High Performance. Linux is a fast, efficient, and lightweight OS. Source codes and scripts run faster in Linux, that’s why it is the best operating system for programmers.
  • Easy Installation of Modules. Installing complicated modules and packages is very elementary in Linux. In comparison to most programming languages, it’s faster and easier to use.

Limitations of Linux OS:

  • Errors. As it comes for free, there are few standing unresolved errors that are being ignored, in contrast to Windows and Mac. Even though it is reliable, a few cases of system crashes, failed installation of accessories such as a keyboard have been reported.
  • Unsupported Softwares. For a naive user, this OS lacks software support. For example, Microsoft Word and other similar utility software are not supported by Linux. Linux has an in-built word processor, but it is not as advanced as Microsoft Word.
  • Limited Tech Support. While Mac and Windows users can reach out to tech support whenever they have an issue, Linux users can’t. This is because it is a free operating system, funds are limited so tech support can’t be afforded.

2. Mac OS

Mac OS comes from the tech giant Apple, it is the second most used operating system in the world.

Advantages of using macOS:

  • Easy Installation. Installing packages, development tools, and apps is easy.
  • High-tech Features. The Mac OS comes with a handful of unique features like Siri, DaVinci Resolve (a visual studio for film editing), and a highly intuitive navigation system.
  • Facilitates Multitasking. Mac is programmed for multitasking. Running multiple tasks together and easily transitioning among them is an intrinsic feature of this OS.
  • iOS Development. For developers who are working on software for Apple products, Mac is the best choice. Devices, files, and data are readily synchronised with Apple cloud servers for easy sharing and storage.
  • Efficient Tech Support. Apple offers prompt tech support with diverse options if you face any issues.

Limitations of mac OS:

  • Unaffordable. The most recently released iMac Pro comes for $4,999, it is unaffordable for more than half of the population.
  • Not recommended for Gamers. Apple computers are easily surpassed by the Windows system when it comes to gaming capabilities. If you are working on Game development or you are Gamer then this will be the wrong choice.
  • Inflexible Upgrades. You can add additional RAM or memory to your mac system after making the purchase. These amendments are possible only on Windows systems.

3. Windows 10

Windows is the most user-friendly OS that comes with a wide range of utility software. The earlier versions of Windows have now been replaced by Windows 10, therefore, we are going to discuss it.

Advantages of using Windows 10:

  • Antivirus. It is a severe misconception that Windows operating systems are vulnerable to viruses. In the actual scenario, their built-in antivirus protection is robust and defensive.
  • Affordable. Windows 10 is much cheaper in comparison to the new Mac. Linux is the cheapest, actually free. Windows is considered to be the best value for money.
  • Software Support. Windows support a very wide range of hardware and software components for development.
  • Extended Battery Life. In comparison to Mac, Windows has longer battery life.
  • Easy Upgrades. For programmers who customize and upgrade their systems on a regular basis, Windows is a better choice.

Limitations of Windows 10:

  • Mixed Drivers. Although customisability is its top advantage, it is considered to be a weakness. Allowing numerous drivers to work together may lead to severe system crashes sometimes.
  • Forces Updates. Many a time, the Windows operating system will stop working if you don’t update it. This might interfere with any of your necessary tasks. Many users have reported this issue with Windows.
  • Speed Limitations. In comparison to Mac and Linux, Windows is slow in terms of running scripts, the transition between tasks, and compiling codes.