Best OS For Programming In Various Career Domains


The most intrinsic factor for deciding on the best operating system for programming depends on the career domain of the programmer. We have mentioned the most important factors according to the distinct career domains.

1. Software Developer

Software developers have to build the source code of a project from start to end. The process of Software Development includes the entire process of creating prototypes, designing user interfaces, programming, fixing bugs, testing, and maintaining applications.

Even though personal preference is a major factor, software developers prefer macOS, Windows as well as Linux systems for building software. Some of the developers even maintain two systems or have dual-booting. They might use Ubuntu or macOS for development and Windows for their personal tasks such as media or gaming. Further, a large number of Software Developers prefer Linux (Unix) for work purposes.

2. Web Developer

In contrast to software developers who focus on creating digital software, web developers deal with creating websites and web apps that are run on the computer’s Internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc, or on any other digital device.

Linux, macOS, and Windows are highly preferred operating systems for web developers. Although, Windows has an additional advantage as it allows to work simultaneously with Windows and Linux. Using these two Operating Systems allows web developers to use the necessary apps including Node JS, Ubuntu, and GIT.

  1. Software Engineer

Software engineering is analogous to software development. The prime difference between them is that a software engineer collaborates between the server, apps, and websites for dialog exchange. They make sure that all the components are working effectively if they are working individually or collectively.

The most suited operating system for a software engineer also depends on the engineer’s preference. The feedback from various software engineers suggests that Mac is better suited for Software Engineers, as the terminal offers more in comparison to the Windows terminal.

Windows Operating System uses a Command Prompt, a.k.a the newer “PowerShell” terminal, that comes with a programming language that is not commonly used. You can use Windows 10 effectively if it is coupled with Linux.

4. Competitive Coder

A competitive programmer is the starting point for all the above-mentioned career paths. Which is the best operating system for programmers? There is no specific operating system that is considered to be perfect for programmers. It mainly depends on the career domain, software used specification of your device, and your workplace culture.

Each Operating System comes with a handful of advantages and disadvantages. You can read below to get a proper understanding of the popularly used operating systems and then make a final call.